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WNYF Television Support

Service Manager

Director of Technology Support Services


ITS Service Center


Location: W203 Thompson Hall

Phone Number: (716) 673-3407

Email: ITS Service Center

All requests for assistance are completed using the Tracker Customer Portal

Service Owner

Chief Information Officer


As per the Service Level Agreement between the ITS Service Center and WNYF-TV, the ITS Service Center will provide services to WNYF-TV for a period of one year, upon receipt of a signed and processed service contract. WNYF-TV is a student association group that operates a fully student run TV studio and station on campus channel 8.

Service Users


User Services

Equipment Repair Services

If a piece of equipment is in need of repair, WNYF-TV’s Chief Engineer should first check to see if it is under warranty.  If WNYF-TV is not certain whether a piece of equipment is under warranty, assistance from ITS will be provided to train the Chief Engineer on the process for checking warranties.  ITS will not service any equipment under warranty unless authorized by the manufacturer or WNYF-TV agrees to the repair.

Next, WNYF-TV should contact ITS with the details of the problem.  If ITS determines that the equipment is in need of repair, WNYF-TV will deliver equipment to ITS Tech Services Shop, E216 Thompson Hall. If the equipment is permanently installed, ITS staff will provide on-site maintenance, at a date and time agreed upon by the Chief Engineer and ITS.

ITS will determine at what point an item cannot be repaired and will recommend a replacement, if needed.

ITS is responsible for the service and maintenance of the equipment that has an outside exposure to the campus community, such as fiber receivers and transmitters, and community program scheduling.

Equipment Installations

All equipment installations are the responsibility of WNYF-TV.  ITS staff members will be available prior to installation and during to provide expertise and knowledge.  If equipment that needs to be connected outside of WNYF-TV, ITS should be contacted at least two weeks before the equipment is placed in service.

Equipment Loans

ITS will temporarily loan WNYF-TV equipment, such as fiber transmitters and receivers, projection screens, projectors, PA systems, and power extension cords.

Equipment Purchases

New equipment proposals can be sent to the ITS for review.  ITS will review equipment proposals for WNYF-TV, and will supply feedback that includes alternative models or options, input on ability for service to be performed in-house, and will supply vendor contact information, when available.

Power Outages

ITS will check feeds after scheduled and unscheduled power outages. For signal outages over break periods, ITS will perform a site visit to assess possible damage, and contact appropriate facilities staff, as needed, to restore the on-air signal.  An email will be sent to the Chief Engineer, General Manager, and Advisor of WNYF-TV when ITS staff provides site visit support during break periods.

Community Programming

All requests for community cable programming must be made at least one week (preferably 2 weeks) in advance of the event to determine any scheduling conflicts, as the community channels are shared between the university and the communities of Dunkirk and Fredonia.  These events include Hockey games, Basketball games, and Off-Campus events (including Rockin’ the Commons).  As per the request of the Dunkirk and Fredonia Cable Television Advisory Boards, and Time Warner Cable, crawl content is not considered programming and should not go out to the community.

ITS will be responsible for signal flow from WNYF-TV Transmitters through modulator and maintain fiber connections.  WNYF-TV will maintain audio and video feeds to the campus and community fiber transmitters.

WNYF-TV Programming Access

WNYF-TV will maintain accounts on programming systems for ITS in order provide support during break periods, such as troubleshooting programming signal outages.  During semester operations, ITS will not alter or modify programming schedules.  An email will be sent to the Chief Engineer, General Manager, and Advisor of WNYF-TV when ITS staff provides support during break periods.

Project Consultation

WNYF-TV will request a project consultation with ITS when there will be changes made internally that affect the transmission to the campus/community.

Remote Feeds

ITS will maintain fiber optic feeds from:

King Concert Hall

Steele Hall Basketball Arena

Steele Hall Hockey Arena

Thompson Hall headend

Williams Center Multipurpose room

Fiber optic feeds from other locations will be evaluated based upon need and potential cost.

Signal Calibration

At the start of each semester, signal calibration between WNYF-TV’s facility and the Thompson headend will take place to ensure that levels are within broadcast safe levels.

The Chief Engineer of WNYF-TV is responsible for continually monitoring signals and programming materials, through the use of a Waveform and Vectorscope, in order to adhere to current standards, as specified by SMPTE, for signals that originate from WNYF-TV.


Training will be given by ITS to those at WNYF-TV that wish to learn how to maintain the facilities that are outside the SLA scope.

Training that ITS will provide:

Engineering - Cable making, installation of connectors, Signal Calibration, Warranty Service

Programming - Automation system usage

Training from WNYF-TV will be provided, on new equipment, to ITS.


When schedule allows, a representative from ITS will be present at Board Meetings, when requested.

Business Services

Student that are WNYF-TV Members: WNYF-TV Chief Engineer, WNYF-TV Programming Director, & WNYF-TV General Manager.

Technical Services

WNYF-TV utilizes the campus fiber network for routing signals across campus to headends, and for the access to the Time Warner Cable fiber network for the routing of feeds to the Dunkirk and Fredonia communities.


ITS provided services to WNYF-TV through a service level agreement.  Prior to support being provided, a signed agreement must be processed.

Rates / Cost of Use

Rates are established and listed through the service level agreement.  

Getting Started

This is a retired service and is no longer available.


This is a retired service and is no longer available.

Getting Help

This is a retired service and is no longer available.

SLA Notes

Repairs will be started within two working days of receiving an item.   

What is not included:

  • When an item requires off campus service, WNYF-TV will return it at their expense and pay for all repair costs.

  • WNYF-TV will provide all parts with the exception of ITS regular stock items valued at less than $10.00.

Business Procedures

The service level agreement provides a detailed listing of the services provided to WNYF-TV.

Change Procedures

Changes to the service (transition, additions, and discontinuations) must be reviewed by the Director of Technology Support Services, CIO, General Manager of WNYF-TV, Advisor of WNYF-TV, and the Student Association General Manager.

Assigned Primary Support


Assigned Secondary Support


RACI Chart

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ITS Service Center


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