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Welcome to Fredonia! 

This resource is meant to provide a quick orientation for faculty/staff to Fredonia's critical digital tools that are necessary for online success at the University. These resources represent the building blocks of your digital identities (e.g. Fredonia ID and eServices account), critical tools for remote learning, and the different ways to get assistance if you run into any issues. 

Where to get assistance and when:

ITS Service Center

Thompson Hall W203
Tracker at Fredonia
ITS Service Center

Hours of Operation (Semester):
Monday - Thursday 8am - 8pm
Friday 8am - 4:30pm
Saturday - Sunday 12am - 5pm

Hours of Operation (Breaks):
Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm

The Office of Online Learning

137 Reed Library
Reed Library Email

Reed Library

How to Report a Security Incident:

  • You are the most important line of defense for the University for cybersecurity attacks and data breaches.

  • Be vigilant and report any suspicious activity. 

  • Cybersecurity incidents should be reported to the ITS Service Center (673-3407) Email ITS Center while physical security incidents should be reported to the University Police Department (673-3333).

Faculty/Staff Resources

New employees should contact the Human Resources Office (716) 673-3434 upon completing the hiring process to receive their eServices User ID and Fredonia ID. After receiving the eServices ID, employees should then complete their fredPASS and Duo Security enrollment process by clicking on the fredPASS link. Please note that any employee that does not wish to use their personal devices for Duo Security can contact the ITS Service Center (716) 673-3407 to have a security token issued to them.


fredPASS (Fredonia Password Administration Self Service) is a self-service portal that allows Fredonia eServices account users to manage their account recovery options, security questions, PASS account activity notifications, and reset/change their eServices password as needed. Setup your fredPASS account up ASAP!

Access FredPASS

Duo Security

Duo Security Logo

The Information Technology Services department has implemented a high security login process. This action is due to increasing numbers of scams, and overall risk for a data breach. The login process is for Fredonia eServices and other important electronic resources that require multiple forms of identity.

For more information about Duo Security, please view: Getting Started with Two-Factor Authentication with Duo Security

Google Tools, including Email (Google Workplace)

Google Workplace

Google Workplace includes tools such as Gmail (FredMail), Calendar, Docs, and Groups.

You can learn more about how to use these tools at: Google Workspace Learning Center

Access FredMail

Wireless Access

How can I connect to the wireless internet connection on the Fredonia campus? 

You can connect to the eduroam wireless connection by following the instructions at: eduroam Setup

Gaming systems and other multi-media devices should connect to FredMedia by following these instructions: FREDmedia Setup

Wireless by P Thanga Vignesh from the Noun Project

Is there a way for me to get wireless internet when I am not in Fredonia? 

Fredonia is participating in eduroam which is available at more than 12,000 locations worldwide, including more than 530 colleges, universities, and research facilities in the United States. You can find more information about connecting to eduroam at: eduroam wireless (WiFi)

Data Storage Options

storage by DinosoftLab from the Noun Project

Where can I store my data?

In accordance with Fredonia’s Data Risk Classification Policy, the chart that can be used for the campus community to determine what kind of University data can be saved where can be found at: SUNY Fredonia Data Storage Services

Virtual Meeting Spaces (Zoom)

Zoom Logo

Zoom is the Fredonia standard for video conferencing and virtual meetings. 


Answers logo

Answers is the Fredonia ITS Knowledgebase.

If you have technology questions, you can visit Fredonia Answers to search Answers.


Tracker icon

Tracker is the Fredonia ITS incident/request ticketing system.

If you need technology assistance, you can submit a help ticket at: Fredonia Tracker

Technology Request Form

To meet Fredonia ITS support requirements, Federal Information Security requirements, and NYS Procurement regulations, all software, licensing, and hardware (technology) procurements, and renewals need to follow the jointly-owned process from ITS and Finance and Administration outlined at: Technology Request Process (TRP)

Access the Technology Request Form

"My Fred" is your customizable homepage for Fredonia's most-used services & information, which allows you to customize a list of Fredonia links. You will find links to email, FREDLearn, Your Connection, Reed Library, course catalog, events calendar, Peoplefinder, campus-wide announcements, and more right at your fingertips on your personal device.

Argos Enterprise Reporting

Argos Logo

Argos is Fredonia’s centrally supported application used for report regeneration, information delivery, data dash-boarding, and data file extraction. 

For more information about Argos, please view: Argos Enterprise Reporting

Access Argos


Virtru logo

The State University of New York at Fredonia utilizes Virtru to protect Fredonia Gmail services. Virtru protected Fredonia Homepage accounts provide employees the ability to send anyone end to end encrypted messages and control access throughout the life-cycle of the email. Employees can set expiration time for how long emails can be accessed, revoke access at anytime, limit forwarding, and control who can download attachments. Employees that have an authorized business need to email Category III - Restricted data to recipients can utilize the Fredonia licensed Virtru subscription to do so. For more information please view: Virtru Protected Email Guide

1Password Teams

1Password logo

The Information Technology Services department offers 1Password Teams as an enterprise password management solution to University employees for the secure storage of their professional usernames and passwords. Each 1Password Teams user will be issued a personal password vault and maybe issued a team vault for securely sharing passwords.

For more information, please view: Getting started with 1Password Teams


Drupal logo

Drupal is the Fredonia solution for editing departmental web pages. For more information about using Drupal please visit: Answers Drupal  

Printing Information

Printer by Franc from the Noun Project

Fredonia provides a printing quota for students each semester. For information about printing on campus please visit: Printing Information

For instruction on printing from your laptop go to: Wireless Printing

Faculty Resources


OnCourse Icon

FREDLearn is a Learning Management System (LMS) that provides access to course materials, assignment submission, quizzes, and grades. Login to FREDLearn using your eServices username and password. In the "Courses" block click on the current semester and then use the links to access each course.


textbook by Lamus Studio from the Noun Project

Sign into website using your Fredonia eServices credentials to see the courses you are assigned to teach or oversee, select the materials you will use, review the page as students would see it, and then submit the adoptions

Phishing Awareness

phishing by Eucalyp from the Noun Project

Don't Get Hooked! Become familiar with quickly recognizing phishing emails by reviewing this KB: Phishing Awareness

Library Faculty Services & Resources

Quote by Sharon Showalter from the Noun Project

Library Services and Resources

Research Tools

Research by María Villamil from the Noun Project

For help getting started with research and using the Reed Library databases go to: Library Database

SUNY Resources

SUNY Online logo

SUNY Resources Learning Online

web link by LUTFI GANI AL ACHMAD from the Noun Project

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