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Front of the conference room with a RICOH smart board.
The conference room with a large table and chairs. There is a large window on the back wall.

Make a Reservation:

To reserve this room, please contact Dawn Hunt,

Room Features:


  • Large Table with electrical outlets, HDMI ports, and Ethernet Ports
  • 16x Movable Chairs


  • RICOH 86" Interactive Flat Panel
  • Logitech Camera
  • Polycom Sound Station Duo
  • Speaker
  • 5x Wall Outlets
  • 2x Ethernet Wall Plates
  • 2x Huddlepod Dual Wireless Audio Pods

How do I use the Huddle Mics with Zoom in the Lenna Conference Room?

Power on the Projector

  1. Select Windows as the source to turn on the projector and to lower the projection screen.

Open Zoom and Start the Meeting 

  1. Open up the Zoom application on the computer, click Sign in, select the Sign in with SSO option, and click the Continue button.
  2. Use your Fredonia eServices account to sign into Zoom.
  3. Start the Zoom meeting. 

Turn on the Microphones

  1. Press and hold down the power button for 3 seconds on each microphone until you see the blue lights turned on as shown in the picture below. 

    Close up image of black huddle cam microphone.

Set Audio Settings in Zoom 

  1. Under Select a Microphone, select the Microphone (HuddleCamHD Daisy-Chain Mic)
  2. Under Select a Speaker, select the ExtronScalerD (Intel(R) Display Audio) to use the ceiling speakers (picture below).
    Speaker Settings in Zoom
  3. Test each microphone by speaking into it. The microphone icon in the lower-left corner will show an audio level when someone is speaking into the microphone.
    1. If the microphones are on without detecting an audio level for 15 minutes, the microphones will enter a power savings mode and they will need to be turned back on.
  4. Ask someone who is connecting remotely to speak to test the speakers. 
    1. If the speakers have not been used and entered a power savings mode, audio will need to play to the speakers for a second or two to turn the audio amplifier back on. 

After the Meeting Ends

  1. Press and hold down the power button for 3 seconds on each microphone until you see the blue lights turn off. This will let the microphones recharge. Once fully charged, the microphones can be used for 5-6 hours.

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