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Front of the lounge with tables and chairs.Vending Machines and Activities

Lounge Chairs and TV in the back of the lounge.Back of the room stage.

Room Details and Hardware

All information for this room pertains to the opposing side of the Spot Lounge and NOT the cafe space.

In this room (including G138A):

  • Movable tables and chairs
  • Wall box with audio mixer
  • Projector and projector screen with control
  • HDMI connectivity
  • Blu ray player
  • Microphones (4 stage mics and booth mic)
  • 2 speakers
  • Lighting control for stage and floor lights
  • FM tuner

Please contact Campus Life with any issues related to this room.


NOTE: There is no computer installed in G138A. Please request a laptop from Campus Life.

Room Instructions:

  1. Turn on the projector with the remote (You may need to direct the remote close to the projector).
  2. Plug in the laptop (provided by Campus Life) with the HDMI cable in the booth.
  3. Plug in the minijack (AUX cable) into the laptop and make sure the sound settings are adjusted through Windows.
    To verify, go to the speaker icon in the bottom right on the Windows taskbar and make sure the audio output is selected on "Speaker/Headphones" and no other output.
  4. Adjust sound, only if needed, using the microphone sliders #1 through 4 on the mixer board.
    To adjust laptop sound using the AUX cable, use the MP3/Laptop slider.
  5. The master volume is on the right. DO NOT TURN UP THE VOLUME TOO HIGH.
  6. Along the wall are controls for each set of lights in the room and stage. You can adjust and turn on/off lights each set of lights.