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  1. Go to the Insert Tab.

    Insert tab in PowerPoint with an orange underline.
  2. In the text section, select the Slide Number button.

    Slide Number Button in PowerPoint. It has a number sign inside a box.
  3. In the Header & Footer box, go to the slide tab. Check the Slide Number Box.

    Header and Footer box. Slide Tab is opened with Slide Number checked.PowerPoint slide with a page one footnote at the bottom right corner.

Section 3.5: Headers and Footers


  1. Type in your information or data.

    Document Accessibility Curriculum with Advanced PDFs section having a 1 next to it for an endnote. No endnote has been made yet.
  2. Type the number of the note (like 1, 2, etc.) in superscript next to the relevant text in the slide body. Click the expand button for the font section. In the font box, check superscript.

    Font section extension button. It is a small arrow pointing down to the right.Font Box. Effects, Superscript checkbox is checked.List with Advanced PDF having an endnote.
  3. Insert a footer and type the same number then the rest of the footnote.

    The Header and Footer button in PowerPoint with a Page icon with yellow lines.Image ModifiedHeader and Footer box in the Slide Tab. Footer check box is checked, and says 1. This is a footnote.A footnote is added in the bottom left corner.

Section 3.7: Columns