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Section 1.4: Bold, Italic, Strikethrough, and Underlined Text

Screen readers by default do not recognize text that is bold, italic, strikethrough, or underlined. The text will be read as normal text. There are settings available in NVDA to make the text be read as bold, italic or underlined, but very few people change these settings. A good rule is to use bold text, italics, or underlined text sparingly.


  1. In NVDA, go to the Preference Tab, the click Document Formatting.

    The NVDA Settings box with Document Formatting highlighted in a red box.Image Modified
  2. Select the Font Attributes check box in the pop up box.

    The Document Formatting page. Font Attributes is checked and highlighted. The apply button is highlighted with a red box.Image Modified
  3. In JAWS, you can examine the font attributes at the cursor, including whether or not there is strikethrough, by pressing INSERT + F.