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Tags are used in Adobe Acrobat to identify a contents value in a document so it can be read and interpreted by assistive technology. By tagging an object, we are assigning a hierarchical value to an element. For example: An <H1> tag is used for Headings Style 1 or the main heading for a section or chapter. <H2> is used for Heading Style 2, most commonly used for subsections. In a hierarchy, <H2> must be parented under <H1>. Paragraphs or <p>, but be parented under <H2> or in necessary order. Headings must always be higher than paragraphs.


Adding a Tags Root to an Untagged PDF

  1. Open the Tag Navigation Pane. Click the Options drop-down menu.

    Accessibility Tags section in Adobe Acrobat. No tags available highlighted in blue.Image ModifiedTags Pane in Adobe Acrobat.Options Drop-down menu in Adobe Acrobat.Image Added
  2. Options Drop-down menu in Adobe Acrobat.Image Removed

    Select Create Tags Root. A tag icon should appear.

    Accessibility Tags pane with a tag inside.


  1. Right-click the Tags Root.

    Accessibility Tags pane with a tag inside.
  2. Select New Tag.

  3. Select the Type from the dropdown menu.

    New Tag box, type drop-down menu says Article.
  4. Add a title

    New Tag box with type set to Heading Level 1. Title is Sports Management SUNY Fredonia
  5. Click OK. The <H1> tag in the hierarchy is empty. You will have to add content to the tag.


Section 4.3: Editing Tags and Tag Types


  1. To create a tag, click the Tag Icon  

    No Tags available highlighted in the Tags section.


  2. Highlight the text you want tagged

    Part 1 Introduction of an employee manual is highlighted.Image Modified
  3. Right Click Tags and click Create Tag Root

  4. Click the Menu Button and Click New Tag, under type, select Heading Level 2 (due to this example being a Heading Level 2). You may also include a title or name of what the tag is called. (This may help you keep track of what the tags are for)

    Menu Button in Adobe Acrobat.New Tag Box, type is Heading Level 2.
  5. A new tag has been created, but nothing is inside yet. With your text still highlighted, right click the <H2> tag and click on “Create Tag from Selection”.


  1. Open the Tags Pane.

    Tag Pane in Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Right-click the content that needs to be labeled as an Artifact (not the tag itself, but the content within it, which is next to the container icon that looks like a little box).

    Background and Artifact Button in Adobe Acrobat.Image RemovedBackground and Artifact Button in Adobe Acrobat.Image Added
  3. Select Change Tag to Artifact.


  1. Click the Selection Tool.

    Selection Tool in Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Highlight the paragraph.

    A paragraph on a Baseball Course description highlighted in light blue.Image Modified
  3. Open the Options Menu in the Tags Pane.

    Options Drop-down menu in Adobe Acrobat.
  4. Select Create Tag from Selection.

  5. Select Paragraph from the drop-down and click OK.

    New Tag Box, Type Paragraph.