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  1. Visit: on the in another browser tab.

  2. Search FontAwesome for an icon you want to use at FontAwesome.

    Click on the icon HTML code that begins with <i class="fa...   ></i>

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    FontAwesome icon searchImage Added

  3. Copy the name of the icon from the upper left. The icon name also appears in the HTML code, with an fa- prefix. You only need the name of the icon.

    Search for icon on FontAwesome.comImage Added

  4. In Drupal, click the button for "Icon" in Statistic Type.

  5. Paste the HTML code into the field for "Big Text"/Icon Class. Remove the code outside of the quotes so that the result looks like this: fal fa-address-card name of the icon - no quotes or other code, just the name.

    Image RemovedFontAwesome icon name.Image Added