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  1. Log into Drupal

  2. Visit the published page that you want to unpublish.

  3. Click the Edit button in the lower right. Image Removed

    Buttons for View, Edit, and RevisionsImage Added

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page editor and set the Change to: state menu to Unpublish & Archive and click Save.

    Image RemovedChange to the Unpublish and Archive status.Image Added

  5. The yellow info bar above the page will show the new Moderation state: Unpublish & Archive
    Image Removed

    Status of an Unpublished page.Image Added

  6. The page is no longer visible to the public.


If you Unpublish a Drupal web page, please also disable any left Site Menu items that are linked to that page. See Drupal: Edit a Site Menu (Left Navigation).


See Drupal: Edit a Site Menu (Left Navigation).