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  1. Log into Drupal.

  2. Check the Moderation State in the yellow info bar to see that you are working on a Draft page.

    Example of a Draft page status in Drupal.

  3. Edit the page by clicking theĀ Edit button in the lower right.

  4. Scroll to the bottom of the editing page.

  5. Choose Publish from the State (Change To) menu at the bottom of the page editing form.

    Change from Draft to Published.

  6. Click Save.

  7. The Moderation State should now show as Published.

    Example of Published page status in Drupal.

  8. Even if you start a new Draft of a Published page, the Moderation state for that page remains shown as Published in the top yellow banner because there is a Published page at that URL.

    Event if you change between the Published version of a page (View button) and the Draft (Latest Version button), the Moderation State shown in the yellow top bar.

  9. If you need to Unpublish a page to make it hidden from all public visitors, seeĀ Drupal 8: Unpublish & Archive a Web Page.