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Document TitleDeclaration of a Major, Additional Major, and Minor Program
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Declaration of a Major Program

In order to complete the university requirements for a baccalaureate degree, every student must complete an approved departmental or interdisciplinary major program by satisfactory performance in the courses specified by the program. Students may declare a major before earning 30 semester hours of credit, except in some professional programs, and must make the declaration of program prior to earning 60 semester hours of credit. Information on the declaration of major can be obtained from the Director of Academic Advising, Fourth Floor, Reed Library.

Certain major programs have a minimum quality point average requirement for admission. Students should check with the department of their intended major for specific minimum GPA and/or course requirements.

The declaration of major program, as well as changes in the major, should be made well in advance of course selection. The appropriate form is available in the Office of the Registrar and in department offices. The chairperson responsible for departmental programs or the coordinator responsible for interdisciplinary programs will assign students an advisor and will certify at the appropriate time that all program requirements have been completed.

Declaration of an Additional Major

Students who are interested in completing more than one major program must obtain the appropriate form from the Office of the Registrar and secure written approval from the department chairperson or interdisciplinary coordinator of the intended additional major. Most students will complete both majors within a single degree, and the completion of both majors will be noted on their official transcript.

Students are generally not permitted to earn multiple degrees, nor declare multiple majors, from the same academic department. Exceptions include the following: Biology with Biology Adolescence Education; Chemistry with Chemistry Adolescence Education; Communication (all majors); Computer and Information Sciences (all majors); History/Social Studies; Geochemistry, Geology with Earth Science; Mathematics with Mathematics Adolescence Education; Applied Mathematics with any other Mathematics major; Music (all majors); and Physics with Physics Adolescence Education or Industrial Management.

Additional majors must be declared at least one semester prior to the date of graduation.

Declaration of a Minor

Students who are interested in declaring a minor must obtain the appropriate form from the Registrar’s office, then contact the office of the department in which the minor is requested. Students who are interested in declaring more than one minor program are to follow the procedure outlined above for each one. Minors must be declared at least one semester prior to the date of graduation.



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