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Posting Policy

All campus bulletin boards are the private property of Fredonia. Those wishing to advertise events or promote commercial activities must strictly adhere to the campus' posting policies.

Campus-Based Organizations:

All student organizations, academic and departmental offices, and individual faculty and staff who wish to advertise sanctioned events and programs on the Fredonia campus must obtain a posting stamp for their poster/flyer from the Campus Life Office before it is hung. With the exception of the promotion of alcohol, where a strict campus policy is enforced, it is not the intent or responsibility of the Campus Life staff to censor information, but to verify that the poster/flyer promotes a legitimate campus event. Campus event posters/flyers that receive the "Approved for Posting" stamp may be posted on any designated campus bulletin board. In order to allow space for groups to advertise their events, the college asks that promotions are limited to one flyer/poster per bulletin board. Posters and flyers should not be posted in a manner that covers or obstructs another organization's promotion.

Posters may not be displayed on faculty or staff office bulletin boards or next to resident assistant rooms without the permission of the faculty or staff member. Posters are not permitted on doors, windows, and walkways, in or on elevators, indoor cement columns that don't have bulletin boards, floors, signposts, parked cars, bus shelters, vending machines, or building exteriors. In addition, posters may not be posted on bulletin boards next to classroom entrances. These boards are intended for use by the instructors to post pertinent class information. The chalking or painting of sidewalks or cement columns is also prohibited.

All posters/flyers are to be in direct proportion to the bulletin boards and at no time exceed 19" x 32." Posters may be displayed for a maximum of two weeks prior to the event. It is the responsibility of event organizers to remove the posters immediately after the event has concluded. Both stipulations are intended to provide equal advertising space to other event organizers.

Use of Social Media: The Campus Posting Policy also applies to all offical campus social media outlets and online event pages.   

All postings are required to have the following information: the sponsoring organization's name, the event title, the time, location and date of the event.Posters/flyers that do not include the relevant information will not be approved for posting. All Student Association - recognized organizations are required to indicate on their posters that their event is sponsored/funded by the Student Association.

Stickers: Organizations are stricly prohibited from placing stickers on or in buildings, walkways, stairways, railing, cememt columns, on any Fredonia property to promote events or specific organizations.

Business and other Commercial Enterprises:

Business and commercial vendors are permitted to advertise on campus, but with the following restrictions:

  1. All business and commercial postings will be limited to the general "open bulletin boards" on the McEwen Hall/Williams Center walkway.

  2. Business and commercial posters/flyers must receive the approval of, and receive an "Approved for Posting" stamp from the Campus Life office.

  3. Landlords wishing to rent their facilities to students are also required to include their name, address and phone number on the poster/flyer.

  4. Individuals looking to sell personal items such as cars, computers or other merchandise must list the seller's name and phone number on the poster/flyers.

  5. Student bands that wish to advertise their performance in a bar or restaurant are required to have their posters/flyers approved and will be limited to the three outside general bulletin boards along the McEwen Hall.

Policy on Alcohol Promotions:

Fredonia maintains a strict campus policy of not permitting advertising that promotes the indiscriminate use of alcohol to students. Posters/flyers that promote alcohol consumption with bar night drink specials, happy hours, drink and drown nights will not be approved, and will be removed if found on campus. Groups hosting events at a bar or restaurant are encouraged to promote theme nights (holiday themes, Senior Challenge, etc.), celebrations or bands.

Student organizations that sponsor events at a local establishment where alcohol is sold may not use the university’s name in any advertisement.

Offensive Posters:

Persons taking offense to the language or nature of any poster, flyer or banner are encouraged to contact the event organizers. The Campus Life Office does not accept responsibility for any poster/flyer content that may be considered offensive.


Violators of any of these guidelines, including the use of fraudulent approval stamps, will be referred to the campus judicial system for review.



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