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Reason for Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish criteria, standards, and guidelines to be used in scheduling Third Party events that include, but are not limited to the following: carnivals, festivals, charity races and walks, picnics, and demonstrations. This policy should ensure a safe and positive experience for all parties involved.

Policy Statement


SUNY Fredonia requires all third party event planners to register their event with the Office of Campus Life. A completed Third Party Event form must be completed returned to the Campus Life Office, along with signatures from designated campus offices two weeks prior to the event. In addition, a Revocable Permit must be completed and registered with Director of Business Services.

A. Events Involving Demonstrations or Picketing:

The college catalog, under the section of “Rules and Regulations for Maintenance of Public Order on Campus” ensures the following:

4. Freedom of Speech and Assembly: Picketing and Demonstrations.

(a) No student, faculty, or other staff member or authorized visitor shall be subject to any limitation or penalty solely for the expression of his/her views, nor for having assembled with others for such purpose. Peaceful picketing and other orderly demonstrations in public areas of ground and (building?) will not be interfered with. Those involved in picketing and demonstrations may not, however, engage in specific conduct in violation of the provisions of the Rules for Maintenance of Order.

(b) In order to afford maximum protection to the participants and to the institutional community, each state-operated institution of the State University shall promptly adopt and promulgate, and thereafter continue in effect as revised from time to time, procedures appropriate to such institution for the giving of reasonable advance notice to such institution of any planned assembly, picketing, or demonstration upon the grounds of such institution, its proposed locale and intended purpose; provided, however, that the giving of such notice shall not be made a condition precedent to any such assembly, picketing, or demonstration and provided, further, that this provision shall not supersede nor preclude the procedures in effect at such institution for obtaining permission to use the facilities thereof.”

SUNY Fredonia reserves the right to determine the appropriate time, place and location for all demonstrations. In addition, the university reserves the right to have a police presence at the event should they deem it necessary. All decisions for time, place and location, and the presence of police will be at the discretion of the Vice President for Student Affairs, in conjunction with the Chief of University Police.

B. Designated Public Forum Areas: The University designates the following locations for public forums and demonstrations: The area around the clock tower, the lawn areas between Reed Library and Mason Hall, and the outdoor Amphitheater. These areas are designated for their high pedestrian use. Demonstrators are not permitted to impede students from walking to class or from crossing through these areas.  The Library steps and cement platforms between Maytum Hall and Reed Library are not permitted to be used for public forums. There are no designated indoor areas for demonstrations, unless approval is granted by the Vice President for Student Affairs.

C. Third Party Speakers and Planners are defined asanyperson or persons not associated with, or employed by, the University (i.e., student, faculty or staff of the University) who desire to use the designated public forum areas to exercise their First Amendment Right to Free Speech. Third Party planners:

  • Will be assigned, for their use by the University, one of the designated public forum locations for the purpose of exercising their free speech.

  • Third party representatives will complete a Third Party Form application one week prior to their schedule arrival. Applications received after 3 pm will be considered as having been received on the morning of the following day. The applicant assumes responsibility for proper and timely delivery of an application to the Office of Campus Life. The Campus Life Office, located in the Williams Center, is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5 pm during the academic year, and from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday during the summer, except for holidays.

The University will review the application and respond to the applicant no later than the close of business on the fifth day.

  • If the application is completed fully and the appropriate signatures affixed, and the requested date and time and space are available, the University shall inform the applicant of its approval.

  • If the application is not complete and/or it is not signed, the University shall return the application to the application for completion. The one-week application time frame will commence once the application has been return to the Campus Life Office.

  • If the space is not available for the date and time requested, or if it falls within the restricted times, as define in this policy statement, the University shall inform the applicant of the conflict and offer an alternative date and time.

D. Restricted days: The University has designated certain days during the academic calendar where the use of campus facilities, including outdoor locations, are reserved exclusively for campus related activities. No third party events are permitted during these restricted days:

  1. Opening Weekend for fall and spring semesters, dead week and exam week

  2. During campus wide celebrations such as, but not limited to, Homecoming, Family Weekends, Fredonia Fest and Commencement

  3. All Admissions open houses

  4. During Academic Convocations, statewide conferences, and University Foundations celebrations and dinners

  5. During energy conservation shut down of academic, administrative and non-essential buildings as defined on its calendar and official website

E. The applicant/Third Party representative will:

  1. Clean and remove any or all materials, posters, signs and banner that they may have brought to the forum. Failure to do so may result in fines and the denial of future event dates. (?)

  2. Not be able to use megaphones or other sound reinforcement equipment to amplify their speech that they may have brought to campus. Likewise, the University is under no obligation to provide microphones or sound systems for use by third party representatives.

The University reserves the right to terminate the demonstration or public forum in the event either the speaker or a member(s) of an audience engages in conduct that violates the SUNY Rules for the Maintenance of Public Order, adopted in accordance with Education Law Sections 6430 and 8 NYCRR 535, in order to secure the orderly and operation of the safety and welfare of the entire campus community.  

F. Carnivals and Festivals

Third party organizations wishing to hold carnivals or festivals will be limited to the Dods Hall Grove, the areas between the Williams Center and the Residence Halls or the open area between Gregory Hall and Grissom Hall.  Those wishing to use Athletic areas must seek permission from the Athletic Director or his designee.

Vendors wishing to sell merchandise are required to follow all New York State Guidelines for the collection of sales tax. Third party vendors are required to show proof of a sales tax identification number prior to the event. It is the responsibility of the vendor to collect and to report all sales tax collected to New York State.

Planners for fairs and festivals, in which food will be served, must contract with the Faculty Student Associations for services. Outside food vendors selling food to students and guests may be permitted with the approval of FSA. Food vendors will need to show proof that they are licensed caterers and may be subject to inspections by the Chautauqua County Health Department on the day of the event.

G. Cross-Country Races and Walks for Charity.

Third Party organizations wishing to sponsor charity events involving cross-country races and walks will need to map out the intended route as part of the approval process. Cross-country races and walks that take participants off-campus will also need approval from the Village of Fredonia. The Chief of University Police can assist with securing the necessary approval from the Village of Fredonia.

H. Setup for Events

Setup for events may need to include a variety of on-campus offices. If fencing is required for security, the Facilities Management department is responsible for erecting and removing all fencing.  The setup of tables and chairs will be coordinated by the Office of Campus Life.

I. Cleanup after the Event

All organizations sponsoring outdoor events on the SUNY Fredonia campus are responsible for any cleanups that is not in the purview of Facilities Management (fence), the Faculty Student Association (food buffet), Campus Life (tables and chairs), or custodial service, immediately following the conclusion of the event. All garbage is to be placed in trash cans and all equipment removed.

J. Fees and Service Charge

Third Party planners will responsible for fees and rental fees associated with use of campus facilities, and for all setup and tear down if deemed necessary by University personnel.  An estimate of fees will be made available to the event organizers at the time of application.



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