Public Queries in the Argos CQ Interface Tool

How do I get public queries from Cool Query into the Argos Cool Query Interface Tool?

Summary: The Argos Cool Query Interface Tool is designed to List all of the Cool Queries a User has assigned to them (By Banner User ID).  This does not include Public Queries that were created by other Users and shared.  After logging into Cool Query, the last section appearing on the screen is the Public Queries you are authorized to use.

Unless you created these queries and shared them, the query will not appear in the Argos - Cool Query Interface Tool.  

Getting Public Queries into the Argos Cool Query Interface Tool

In order to get the Public queries into the Cool Query Interface, You must clone them in Cool Query.  The following is an excerpt from the Cool Query Help page regarding Cloning Public Queries:

About Cloning

If you see a public query here that you like, don't count on it staying around for your continued use. Someone else owns it; they can toggle sharing on and off, rename the query or delete the query whenever they want. Either talk to the owner to see if it will be staying around awhile, or better, just clone it.

When you click on "Clone a Public Query" you will be presented with a drop-down list of queries available for you to clone. Select the query you wish to clone and continue. You will be prompted to provide a new name. Then you are done; now you have a new query in the "Your Saved Queries" list, just as if you had created the query yourself.

 The Remaining information regarding Cloning as well as all other Cool Query Help topics can be found at the following path:

Step-by-step guide

The step by step instructions to accomplish this are:

  1. Log into Cool Query and identify the Public Query you want to be able to use in the Argos Cool Query Interface Tool.
  2. At the bottom of the Cool Query Page there is a link named: “Clone a Public Query”.  Click this link
  3. Select the Public query you want to clone from the drop down list and click the “Select Query to Clone” link.
  4. Give the query you are cloning a name and click the “Submit New Name” link.  Note: The name can be the exact same as the CQ you are cloning.
  5. The cloned query will now appear under “Your Saved Queries” Section of the main Cool Query Page:
  6. It should also appear in the Argos “CQ – Interface Tool”.

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