After initial setup, to add a new tablet to your Duo account:

  1. Go to the Settings menu in the Duo login screen and press the Add a new device link.


2. You will be prompted to confirm that it is really you by authenticating with your already-enrolled second factor device.

3. After successfully authenticating, you will be prompted for the type of device that you want to add. Select the Tablet radio button, then press Continue.

4. Select your tablet’s operating system, then press the Continue button.

5. Install the Duo Mobile app for the tablet you are enrolling.

6. Once you have installed the app appropriate to the operating system on your device, click the I have Duo Mobile button.

7. Activate Duo Mobile

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to use your tablet to scan the barcode displayed (you will need to hold your device up to the computer screen to scan the barcode)
  • Click the Continue button when the scan and device confirmation steps are complete.

Your tablet is now enrolled and can be used in the authentication process.

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