The following steps are required to enroll a mobile phone. The initial steps are the same, regardless of whether you are enrolling a smart phone or a more basic cell phone.
NOTE: Please make sure that you have your second factor device with you when you start the enrollment process.

  1. Either on the initial setup or while adding a device from the Settings menu, select the Mobile phone option and press continue.
  2. Enter your phone number. Numbers can be entered with or without punctuation, e.g., 617-353-2000 or 6173532000 are both acceptable.
    Click the checkbox to confirm the number was entered correctly, then click the Continue button.

  3. If you are enrolling a smart phone, select the operating system of the phone that you are registering and press continue. Follow the screen instructions to install and activate the Duo Mobile app on your phone.
    Note: Duo Mobile will never access your photos and will only use your camera when you are scanning a QR code. If you enabled access to your camera when adding your Duo account, you can remove the permissions by going to the Apps section in your device Settings, looking for the Duo Mobile app's permissions and disabling the camera access.

  4. If the mobile phone you are enrolling is not a smart phone, or if you are using a smartphone but do not want to download the Duo Mobile app, select Other and press continue. In the final screen, select the default action to take when you log in with this phone and save the settings.

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