Enroll a Device with Duo

The first time you attempt to log in to any Fredonia service that requires two-factor authentication, you will be redirected to a set-up page like this. Click on Start setup.

NOTE: If you are already enrolled with Duo and selected the Remember my device for 12 hours option, you will not see the prompt to manage your device (or any prompt from Duo) for those 12 hours. During this period, you can clear your cookies or try a different browser to show the message. You may also contact the ITS Service Center for assistance managing devices.

  1. Click the Settings button in the top left corner, and then click Add a New Device or My Settings & Devices to change settings for your enrolled device(s).

  2. You will need to confirm that it is really you by authenticating using one of your already-enrolled device(s).

  3. To start the process of adding a new device, click the +Add another device link.
    NOTE: Please make sure that you have the device that you are adding with you when you start the process.

  4. What type of device are you adding? One or more devices can be registered, or “enrolled,” to serve as the second factor when required while logging in.

    1. Mobile phone: this can be a smart phone like an iPhone or Android, or a simple cell phone with basic features

    2. Tablet: common examples include iPad models or Android devices like Nexus 7, Nexus 10, etc.

    3. Landline: can be your office phone, home phone, etc. 

    4. Security Key: U2F USB or NFC device

  5. Click on continue and follow the instructions depending on the device type.

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