Duo Security Frequently Asked Questions

What is Duo Security?

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Why is Fredonia implementing Duo Security?

What are my options to enroll in Duo Security?

What should I expect during the Duo Security enrollment process?

Am I required to use Duo Security?

Whom should I contact if I have questions or concerns about the requirement to use Duo?

How will Duo change how I log into Fredonia electronic services?

What Fredonia electronic services are currently protected with Duo Security?

Do I need a smartphone to use Duo?

What if I do not wish to use my personal smartphone and I teach in classrooms or labs that do not have a landline available?

If I choose to use my personal smartphone using the Duo Mobile app, what kind of information does Duo have access to? 

Do I have to use Duo every time I log in to G Suite?

Can I set up Duo on more than one phone?

What is Duo Push?

I have stopped receiving push notifications on Duo Mobile, how do I start receiving push requests again?

I have a new phone and the Duo app stopped working. What should I do?

Can I use the Duo Security internationally?

How do I select the "Remember me for 12 hours..." checkbox if the Duo Authentication Prompt is automatically sending a push?

What happens if I set up my browser to clear cache/cookies after exiting?

Can Duo's Remembered Devices feature work if third-party cookies are blocked?

What if I forget my phone at home?

What if I lose my phone?

After confirming a legitimate login attempt, I'm stuck on a strange two-step screen. Why?

What if I don't have a cellphone?

What if I don't have a data plan on my phone? What if I don't have a connection?

What data is being collected by Duo?

What if I want to use a Hardware Token with Duo?

How do I use a Hardware Token with Duo?

What if I have student employees that access University Duo protected services?

What is a Security Key and how do I use it?

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