Fredonia Radio Systems Technical Services SC (Retired Service)


Fredonia Radio Systems Technical Services

Service Manager
Director of ACT and EITA Officer
Academic and Collaborative Technology

W203 Thompson Hall, (716) 673-3407,

Service Owner
Chief Information Officer

As per the Service Level Agreement between the ITS Service Center and Fredonia Radio Systems (FRS), the ITS Service Center will provide service to FRS for a period of one year, upon receipt of a signed and processed service contract.

Service Users
User Services

ITS will provide operational technical services to FRS.  All equipment must belong to FRS and be a part of the operating station. ITS will not service any equipment under warranty unless authorized by the manufacturer or FRS agrees to the repair.  

Business Services
Students that are FRS Members: FRS Chief Engineer, FRS Programming Director, & FRS General Manager.
Technical Services

Specification, installation, maintenance and repair of program origination, distribution and transmission equipment and systems.


ITS provides services to Fredonia Radio Systems through a service level agreement.  Prior to support being provided, a signed agreement must be processed.

Rates / Cost of Use
Rates are established and listed through the service level agreement.
Getting Started
This is a retired service and is no longer available.
This is a retired service and is no longer available.
Getting Help
This is a retired service and is no longer available.
SLA Notes

Repairs will be started within three working days of receiving an item.  ITS has the right to determine at what point an item can no longer be repaired.    

What is not included:

  • When an item requires off campus service, FRS will return it at their expense and pay for all repair costs.

  • FRS will provide all parts with the exception of ITS regular stock items valued at less than $10.00.

  • Support is not provided for computers and networking, program streaming, automation software and the telephone system.

Business Procedures
The service level agreement provides a detailed listing of the services provided to WCVF/ WDVL.
Change Procedures
Changes to the service (transition, additions, and discontinuations) must be reviewed by the Director of Technology Support Services, CIO, General Manager of FRS, Advisor of FRS, and the Student Association General Manager.
Assigned Primary Support
Assigned Secondary Support
RACI Chart

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