PaperCut Pro Administration – Print Management Software for Computer Lab Printing SC


PaperCut Pro Administration – Print Management Software for Computer Lab Printing

Service Manager
Kevin Bom
Enterprise Infrastructure Services

Service Owner
AVP/CIO - Stephen Rieks
PaperCut is a print management solution that is used for the tracking and monitoring of print jobs in computer labs across campus.
Service Users
User Services
PaperCut permits students to utilize different labs across campus for printing.  Available printers include black and white models, and color laser printers in specific facilities, such as the ITS Service Center and Reed Library.
Business Services

For students, Fall and Spring semesters the initial quota is $20.00.

For students, JTerm the initial quota is $6.50.

For students, Summer Sessions I and II (Combined), the initial quota is $20.00.

For faculty/staff and graduate assistants the annual quota is $150.00.

Technical Services

The following back-end services are required to support this service:

  • Active Directory

  • E-Services Accounts

  • Print Server


Users must have an active e-Services account to login to a computer and they must have a positive balance in order to print.  If a student has depleted their print quota, additional allocations can be purchased in three dollar allotments at:

  • ITS Service Center, W203 Thompson, Fredonia Debit Account or FRED Funds

  • Office of Student Accounts, 306 Maytum Hall, cash, check, or credit

  • Reed Library Circulation Desk, Fredonia Debit Account and FRED Funds  

Rates / Cost of Use

The amount deducted from the print quote is:

  • Single-print black and white page - $.03

  • Duplex print black and white page - $.04

  • Color print single page - $.10

  • Color print duplex page - $.16

If a user’s quote has been depleted, additional pages in $3 increments can be purchased.

Getting Started
  • Semester Hours

    • Sunday, 12pm – 5pm

    • Monday – Thursday, 7:30am – 9pm

    • Friday, 7:30am – 4:30pm

    • Saturday, 12pm- 5pm

  • Summer/Break Periods

    • Monday – Friday, 8am - 4pm

Getting Help
SLA Notes

Print jobs are limited to a maximum of 50 pages per job. This is to eliminate the problem of very large print jobs delaying the printing of jobs for other students, as well as to reduce the potential for wasteful printing.

Business Procedures
Change Procedures
Changes to the service (transition, additions, and discontinuations) must be reviewed by the Manager of Enterprise Infrastructure Services, Director of Technology Support Services, the ITS Service Center Coordinator, ITAB and approved by the Service Manager (CIO) and Cabinet.
Assigned Primary Support
Luke Fountaine
Assigned Secondary Support

RACI Chart

Name: PaperCut – Print Management Software for Computer Lab Printing

Description: Administer PaperCut with adding users, allocating quota, installing upgrades, and configuring devices.







Luke Fountaine

Kevin Bom

ITS Service Center



Kevin Bom


Name: PaperCut – Refunding print quota, sales of additional print quota, updating FRED Card numbers for emergency replacements.

Description: see above

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