Emailing Registered Students from Your Connection

How can I email my students through Your Connection?

Step-by-step guide

To email your students from Your Connection:

  1. Login to Your Connection at
  2. Click the "Detail Class List" link
  3. Select the current term from the drop-down menu, press the Submit button
  4. From the "CRN" drop-down menu select the class to email and press Submit
  5. Under the "Detail Class List" title locate the section labeled "Need to email your students?" Click the "Here" link to begin the process
  6. Enter your  FID into the "Your Connection ID" field
  7. Enter your Your Connection PIN into the "Your Connection PIN" field
  8. Select the current Term from the "Select a Term field
  9. Choose which order to sort the courses in from the "Order Courses By" options
  10. Press "View Class Roster"
  11. Select the Radio Button next to the course you want to email and press "View Class Roster"
  12. At the bottom of the list of students press the "Email Entire Class" button
  13. Enter in a subject and Message and press Send.

If you are locked out of YourConnection or do not know your FID or PIN, please call the ITS Service Center for a PIN reset at (716) 673-3407).

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