Security Camera Management Systems Administration SC


Security Camera Management Systems Administration

Service Manager

Ben Hartung, Manager of Residential Technology and Security Systems



Location: Thompson Hall, W203

Phone Number: (716) 673-3668

Email: ResNet

All requests for assistance are completed using the Tracker Customer Portal

Service Owner

Chief Information Officer


The Security Camera Management Systems Administration is the infrastructure support and administration for the DVTel Latitude Network Video Management Suite. As part of the integrated physical security systems for the campus, it includes the following services:

  • Microsoft SQL Server (s) Support & Administration: database maintenance plans, optimizations and indexing, remote back ups, scripting and integration.

  • High Availability Software Support & Administration: Support and administration High Availability software, testing auto failover. In addition to manual rollback, database synchronizations and snmp monitoring.

  • Field Device Support & Administration:  installation, configuration and troubleshooting for cameras, encoders and transceivers.

  • Procurement & Property Control: NYS contract procurement, account reconciliations, and inventory control.

  • Server Hardware Administration: installation, configuration, administration and troubleshooting of server hardware. Examples of this include rack mounted servers, RAID controller configurations, firmware upgrades,  chassis, drive and system health monitoring.

  • Server Operating Systems Administration: installation, configuration, administration and troubleshooting of Microsoft Windows Server environment.

  • DVTel Latitude Video Management Suite Advanced Application Support and Administration: license management, event and audit log archiving, user administration, role based access. Other support includes load balancing archivers, camera configurations, video retention management and firmware upgrades.

  • Project Management: The management of the  initiating, planning, executing and closing of all projects related to service.

  • Facilitate Service Calls w/ Vendor: official point of contact for facilitating vendor support calls under university account.

  • SNMP Monitoring: Installation, configuration and management of SNMP monitoring group to include alert and device management.

  • Security Management: management of the following access control lists, firewall rules, user account privilege management. It also analyses threats, vulnerability and remediation,  antivirus software and exceptions.

Service Users

University Police Department

User Services

  • Advanced application support and administration.

  • User and systems enterprise environment that is secure, stable and suitable to scale according to business needs.

Business Services

The services are only provided to the current list of service users due to security protocol and staffing limitation.

Technical Services

The services listed include all of the primary technical services.


The requirements for using this service included the following:

Rates / Cost of Use

The cost of the service is split between university division based on the field device utilization percentage (e.g. residential vs. academic). There are licensing costs for servers, field devices, and system users.


Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm

Summer: Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Emergencies - 24/7 based on the availability of support staff

SLA Notes

  • Users with emergency systems infrastructure  issues can expect a response within 4 hours and should expect a resolution within 48 business hours of entering a ticket.

  • Change or new installation requests can expect a response within 36 hours. The resolution will depend on the scope of the request.

Business Procedures

Google Docs & Access_Systems (PGP Fredshare)

Change Procedures

Changes to the service (transition, additions, and discontinuations) must be reviewed by TAC. Afterward it must be approved by the Service Manager (CIO) and Cabinet. Changes to the configurations, software, hardware or business procedures are reviewed monthly by the campus Security Systems Team.

Assigned Primary Support

Assigned Secondary Support

RACI Chart

Name: Security Camera Management Systems Administration

Description: see above



Ben Hartung

Ben Hartung

Security Systems Team



Mark Mackey

Ben Hartung

Security Systems Team




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