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SQL Development

Service Manager

Michael Gerholdt, Manager of Enterprise Reporting and Development


Enterprise Reporting and Development


All requests for assistance are completed using the Tracker Customer Portal

Service Owner

Chief Information Officer


Design and develop databases based on standard best practices and analysis of the business needs which the database is intended to address.

Service Users

The database is generally built to support front-end applications such as desktop or web applications. It can also be the database repository for an MS Access front end when the application is developed there. Service users generally are interfacing with the front end rather than the database per se.

User Services

Development of databases for locally applications. Occasionally some modification (usually extension rather than alteration) of third party vendor databases.

Business Services

Work with functional users to determine appropriate business needs.

Technical Services

See Technical Services on Application Development


Rates / Cost of Use

No fees

Getting Started

See Getting Started on Application Development


SLA Notes

Development or vetting of third party products requires substantial up-front time. Late requests for immediate needs are not advisable as they generally cannot be met successfully or end up being met by inadequately vetted third party products. Depending on the complexity of the business need, advance requests should be in the range of many months for new services.

Modifications to existing services also take analysis as what appears to be simple may indeed not be simple at all. Adequate time is one of the keys to allowing us to provide the right kind of service and meeting the business need.

If there is interruption in service due to server issues, bugs or undetermined factors, attention to such issues will be as soon as priorities allow. The priority level of all sql databases is not equal, so the SLA will be somewhat based on what else is happening at the time and a sense of how critical a particular application is. Generally, responses to problems are speedy.

Business Procedures

Change Procedures

Requests for changes can be made via FredQuest and should allow adequate time for analysis, collaborative discussion and implementation.

This would include updates to third party applications when the vendor releases such.

Assigned Primary Support

Assigned Secondary Support

RACI Chart

Who is responsible, accountable, consulted and informed for each function of your service?

Function 1

Name: SQL Database Development




Service Team

Service Manager

Possibly 3rd Party Vendor



Service Manager

Service Manager

Possibly 3rd Party Vendor



Service Manager


Possibly 3rd Party Vendor


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