Scheduled Monthly Reboots for Critical Security Updates on University Owned Computers



To provide a safe and secure computing environment, ITS is enhancing the critical security patch installation and software update process for university owned computers. This new process no longer requires faculty and staff to restart their Macs and PCs before leaving every Friday evening. Updates will be deployed on a monthly basis. Afterwards your computer will automatically reboot and apply the critical security patches and software updates.

Monthly reminder emails will be sent to all Faculty and Staff prior to the monthly patch cycle.  Faculty and Staff are reminded to save any open files and log off. It is critical that Faculty and Staff do not power off their computers before leaving campus on Fridays.

Following the scheduled monthly reboot process, your computer will enter a power saving mode to save electricity.

Who?These updates will be pushed out to all faculty and staff University owned computers.
What?Every machine will be rebooted.
When?This reboot cycle will occur once a month. This will happen on the Saturday after the second Tuesday of the month. A reminder message will be sent out to all faculty and staff beforehand so that the campus is aware.
Why?This is necessary to provide critical security updates to the University owned computers.
How?There is nothing that the user of the computer needs to do, other than make sure their files are saved. It would be best if they logged out of the machine, but left the machine powered on.