How to Install and Use Spirion Endpoint Scanning for Restricted Information

Spirion strengthens existing data loss prevention (DLP) solutions by accurately discovering, classifying, and protecting restricted data. Restricted data includes the following:

  • Social security number (SSN)

  • Driver license number

  • State-issued non-driver ID number

  • Bank/financial account number

  • Credit/debit card number (CCN)

  • Protected Health Information

  • Passport number

  • University I.T. authentication credentials

  • Documents protected by attorney-client privilege

More details on data risk classification can be found here: Data Risk Classification Policy


  1. Navigate to the Spirion downloads portal and sign in using your Enterprise License account. The portal can be found here (

  2. Once signed in, scroll down to the available downloads and press the “Download” button for the license key file and the appropriate release for your operating system in order to save them to your computer.

  3. Go through the installation steps. When the installer asks for the license file, navigate to where you have saved it and select it.

  4. Once set up, go to the “Data Types” tab and ensure that only the “Social Security” and “Credit Card” options are selected.

Scheduling a recurring scan

  1. Navigate to the “Configuration”  tab and choose the “Scheduling” option.

  2. Check the “Schedule a search” box.

  3. Press the “Configure” button and schedule the scan, then press the “OK” button.

  4. Press the “Apply” button in the “Settings” window and enter your password to your user on the computer then press “OK” in the ”Scheduled task Account Settings” window, finally press the “OK” button in the “Settings” window.

Remediating the results of a scan

  1. In the “Main” tab there will be the results of the most recent scan performed on the computer.

    1. To shred a file containing regulatory data, select the “Shred” option in the “Actions” group.

    2. To redact an entry in a text document, select the preferred result and select the “Redact” option in the “Actions” group.

    3. To encrypt a file containing regulatory data, select the “Encrypt” option in the “Actions” group. In order to decrypt the file, it will have to be extracted from the file vault in the “Tools” tab.

    4. To quarantine a file into a designated quarantine folder, while shredding the original copy, select the “Quarantine” option in the “Actions” group.

NOTE: The above CCNs and SSNs are publicly available for testing purposes

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