How to Login to a Browser to Sync Settings (Chrome and Firefox)

If follow the steps below for Chrome or Firefox, when you login to your browser from a different computer, your bookmarks and settings will appear.

Google Chrome

Your preferences and settings are saved in Chrome Browser, not on a computer. By syncing your Chrome settings, you'll see your preferences when you sign in to your account on any device and open Chrome Browser.

  1. In Chrome Browser, at the top right, click the three dots, then Settings.
  2. Go to the People section and next to Sync, click the Right arrow
  3. Choose an option:
    • To sync all your settings, turn on Sync everything.
    • To sync one or more of your settings, turn on an individual setting.


Create a Firefox Account

  1. In Firefox Browser, at the top right, click the three lines, then click Sign in to Sync.
  2. Click Don't have an account? Get started.
  3. Fill out the form and click Create account to create a Firefox Account. Take note of the email address and password you used.
  4. Check your email for the confirmation link.
  5. When you've clicked on the confirmation email, Firefox will show you a message that it has started syncing.

Connect additional devices to Sync

  1. Open Firefox on the computer you want to sync.
  2. In Firefox Browser, at the top right, click the three lines, then click Sign in to Sync.
  3. Click Sign in in the Connect with a Firefox Account section.
  4. Enter the email and password you used to create your new account.
  5. After you've signed in, Sync will start synchronizing your information across all your connected devices.


  1. You should not sync items not related to work.
  2. You should not sync items that give you access to confidential information. For this, you should use 1password.