Suggested use: online chat and small group collaboration. All faculty and staff can use WebEx Teams.

Go to, login with your email and e-services password. On your first login, you may see the option to download and install the Teams App on your personal device. It’s up to you whether or not you install the app. The interface is similar, but this document will demonstrate the web interface to Teams.

  Click the “Spaces” icon to show your Conversations and Spaces. A Conversation is a 1-to-1 connection with another person. A Space is a Conversation with multiple people at the same time. Teams are groups of people who can have multiple Conversations and Spaces.

To message or chat with a single person, start a Conversation by clicking the plus sign and selecting “Contact a person”. Type their name in the box and press Enter. If another person starts a Conversation with you, it appears here.

To create a new Space, click the plus sign button and “Create a space”. Name the Space, add people, and click Create. 

To create a new Team, click the Teams icon and the plus sign. Give the Team a name and click Create. Each Team has a Space called “General”; you can add new Spaces as well. Add Team Members in the Members tab. 

Choose how to interact with the members of the Space.

Message Chat or Instant Messaging between all members of the Space.

Meet Audio and Video calls using your computer’s camera and microphone (required)

Whiteboard Drawing and sketching tools shared between all members of the Space

Files Drag and drop files here or into the Messages area to share between all members of the Space

More help is available in WebEx Teams and at the WebEx Help Center:

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