Creating Hangouts Meet events in Google Calendar: Recording and Sharing Meetings

To access Google Calendar, go to the Gray 9 dot waffle button in the upper right in Fredonia Mail (Gmail) and look for the calendar icon Google Calendar Icon or go to the direct link Google Calendar and sign in with your eServices account.

Creating a Google Calendar Event including Hangouts Meet

  1. Create an event by clicking anywhere in the calendar view or on a specific day.

Google Calendar with the Event Dialog Box open.

2. Make sure “Event” is selected and click on “More Options”.

3. Name the event, edit the date and time, and add any guests to the right under the “Guests” tab.
The Google Calendar dialog box open with the information filled out.

4. Under “Add Conferencing” select “Hangouts Meet”. This will create a Google Hangouts Meet meeting link for this particular event in addition to a phone number for users to dial in to the using audio.

Joining/Starting a Meeting

To start the meeting, you can click on the event in your calendar and then click on “Join Hangouts Meet” or copy and paste the meeting link in a new tab.

In the meeting link page, click “Join Now”. You may need to verify access to your microphone and camera before entering the meeting.

A meeting in session with the camera off.

Recording a Meeting

To record your meeting, go to the 3 dots in the lower right and select “Record Meeting”.

The recording will take a few seconds to start.

When you are finished recording, select “Stop Recording” in the same spot. Your meeting recording will be saved to your Google Drive.

NOTE: Recordings take quite a bit to process and appear in Google Drive. You will receive an email letting you know that your recording is available in Google Drive. Please note that while any person joined to the Meeting may start recording, the recording when completed with be placed in the Google Drive of the person who created the Meeting. 

Example of a google meeting interface.

Adding Captions to a Meeting

To add captioning to the meeting, select "Add Captions". Enable this before recording. Captions will automatically appear based on what is said.

Option to add captions in the bottom left of the screen.

Sharing a Recording

To share meeting recordings with other users, you can share recordings in Google Drive to someone through email or by a link.

Sharing recordings to other users works the same as sharing any content from Google Drive.

  1. In Google Drive, right click the recording and select “Share”. Recordings should appear in a separate folder called “Meet Recordings”.
  2. Enter the user(s) email address, and click on the pencil to edit what user(s) can do with this particular recording like edit, comment or view.
  3. Once you enter an email address, you will have an option to add a note. Click “Done” and the recording will be shared with that user.

Also, you can create a shareable link of your recording by clicking “Share” and selecting “Get Shareable Link” or right click and select “Get Shareable Link”.

Either way, Drive will create a link of the recording to share with anyone in addition to changing the share permissions to view, edit, or comment.

Copy this link and paste into your OnCourse course or email.

Options to share the meeting with others.

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