Joining A Webex Meeting

Cisco Webex is a Web conferencing tool available to Fredonia faculty and staff that enables fully interactive video and audio connections with people locally and around the world.

When you are invited to a Webex meeting, the email contains all of the information you will need to join the meeting.

From an On-campus ITS configured Windows 10 Desktop

If you are using your campus desktop, you can just click the JOIN WEBEX MEETING link supplied in the email. This will launch the Webex application that is already installed on your computer. 

Click the link to "Open Cisco Webex Meeting"

Enter your Name and email address and then click Next:

You will be entered into the meeting either immediately or once it starts.

From a Personally Owned Computer

You need to download and Install the webex client when prompted. You can find more detailed information on how to install the Webex client here:

From a Campus-own ITS Configured Windows 10 Laptop
Your campus-owned laptop may or may not yet have the Webex client installed. You can search your installed applications for the application called "Cisco Webex Teams."  If you do not find this software in your list of applications, you can enter a Tracker ticket for an agent to connect to your laptop and install it for you. You will not able to install it yourself unless you have administrative rights on your laptop. 

How To Call In For Audio Conferencing
The call-in telephone #’s are provided in the email invitation. Call the number included in your email and follow the prompts. The meeting ID and Password (if required) will also be included in the invitation email. More information can be found here:

Using the Web Browser Version
This educational video from Webex explains how to join a Webex Meeting without downloading software. Please note that less features are available in the web browser version of Webex.
How To Join A Webex Meeting

More Webex Instructions
This support page from Webex gives more information on how to use Webex to join a meeting.

This support page from Webex gives more information on how to use the meeting controls in the applications: