How Do I Import My CV Into Digital Measures

How Do I Import My CV Into Digital Measures?

There is a new feature in Digital Measures that will allow you to import data from a CV.

The CV Importer feature in Digital Measures by Watermark will help you get data into the system quickly and accurately using the source you most trust—your CV! The goal of CV Imports is to allow you to spend less time entering data and more time with your Teaching, Service and Research activities.

The capability uses highlighting technology to identify areas of your CV that tie to specific fields within Digital Measures, customized to our system configuration. Once the highlighting is complete, you go through a series of steps to review, validate and confirm the upload.

Please watch this brief video to see this new feature in action and learn how to import your CV:

You can also view the documentation on this new feature located in the Digital Measures Faculty/Staff Guide:

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