WEB: University Standards for Website Design & Content

The permanent short link to this Answers page is www.fredonia.edu/web-standards


This document supplements the policy at https://fredonia-edu.atlassian.net/l/c/zgrQoVWu with specific details for website standards and best practices.

Website Content

The Web Team will make necessary changes to website content and formatting as needed to maintain a consistent, accurate website.

All web pages, images or files that are located on public university websites at www.fredonia.edu, my.fredonia.edu, blueview.fredonia.edu, and events.fredonia.edu must be maintained and updated to reflect current and accurate content and be accessible to all audiences.

What is a public website?

What are Fredonia's data classifications?

What kind of information may be published on a Fredonia public website?


All writing should be accurate, succinct, and current. Images must not contain text, unless the text is short enough that it can appear in the alt text field.

Photos & Images

All photos should be obtained from the Marketing Photo Library with help available at http://www.fredonia.edu/photos/help

Images should be published as .jpg or .png file format and uploaded into the corresponding folder on the website.

All images must have an alt text description of the image. Captions should also be included whenever possible. Images must not contain text, unless the text is short enough that it can appear in the alt text field.

The Web Team will monitor website for photos for professional image quality and effective cropping and make image updates as needed.


The Fredonia Video Team uses both YouTube.com and Vimeo.com video publishing services to manage and publish videos for public distribution.

After a final video is published by the Video Team on YouTube.com or Vimeo.com, it may be embedded or shared using Drupal on public web pages using these steps.

The Web Team will monitor website for videos for professional quality and make updates as needed.


All documents that can not be a web page should be published as accessible PDF file format, whenever possible.

Files that are no longer active or current must be removed from the university websites periodically, upon the request of the university Web Team, or risk removal as deemed appropriate by the web team.

University websites should not be utilized for storage or archiving purposes.

The Web Team will periodically remind the campus community to purge its websites directories of all inappropriate or out-of-date files.

Website Design


Web Design Style Guide describes the overall branding and look for all official web pages.

Templates (Content types)

All Drupal websites must follow the existing page templates as described here: www.fredonia.edu/drupal/help

Left side column with Site Navigation & Who to Contact

All Basic Pages in Drupal must have a Left Site Navigation and a Who to Contact (Office Block).

No code injections of JS or CSS

If your website requires injection of JavaScript or CSS code, do not add any such code to the source of the page. Instead, please contact the Web Team at webteam@fredonia.edu.