Moving Files from Google Drive to Microsoft OneDrive

The following utility will move files from Google Drive to Microsoft OneDrive without needing to first download to a local computer. It will not move Google Forms (although if form results have been saved in a spreadsheet, the results will be moved).

To start, make sure that you have activated your OneDrive account. This can be done but clicking the Microsoft OneDrive icon on the start menu, or by logging into with your eServices account and selecting the OneDrive Icon on the left of the screen (looks like a cloud).

  1. Log into HTTPS:// using your eServices login

2. Select your Source.

3Select Google Drive (single User).


4. Select your Google Account and sign in.

5. Allow access to your Google Drive.


6. Authorize Google Source (and rename description if desired).

7. You should now see your Google drive files in the left column. Now you need to select your Destination.

8. Click on OneDrive for Business (Single User).

9. Select your OneDrive account and log in if requested.

10. should now see your OneDrive files (if any) in the center column.

You are now set up to start moving files, but first a few tips. Note the warning at the top of the Google column: “Every root file and folder this user owns will be copied”. If that is what you want to do, then move on to the copy step.

However, if you only want to move some of your files you will need to select a specific folder by double-clicking it. Whatever folder (or sub-folder) you select wil be copied along with all of the folders and sub-folders within it. If you want to just select files that are in the root of the drive, without copying everything you will need to first move them into a folder and then select the folder in Mover.

When you move a folder all sub-folders within it will be moved with it along with their file contents and folder structure will be maintained.

You can also select (or create and select) folders on OneDrive that you wish to copy a specific selection to by selecting it in the OneDrive Column.

Once you have made your selection, click the Start Copy button in the Right-hand column and it will then take you to the Migration Manager screen (note that you can go back to the Transfer Wizard screen any time to start another transfer (such as a different folder) by clicking Transfer wizard in the upper left corner).