EVENTS: How the EMS statuses import into Localist events

Use the EMS status to control how EMS events are imported into the Localist public calendar at

EMS Status:

  • 'HOLD - Do Not Book' will reserve the space in EMS. Events with this status will NOT be imported into Localist.

  • 'Confirmed-Public' will reserve the space in EMS and will push that event to Localist during the daily 4am EMS import into Localist. Once the event is imported from EMS, it will either sit in the PENDING list of Localist or the event will immediately appear live in Localist, depending on the event workflow for your department. Only EMS events intended to appear on Localist should ever have the status 'Confirmed-Public.'

  • Confirmed-Private' will reserve the space in EMS, but will NOT import the event into Localist. This is where classes, team practices, meetings, etc. should be placed because we don’t want those types of events to appear in Localist.

  • 'Canceled' will cancel and release the room reservation in EMS. It will not do anything in Localist. If a public event is canceled in EMS, you must manually either edit or remove it from Localist. Please contact for assistance.