Migrating OnCourse to FREDLearn

If you have the .mbz file from OnCourse you can import the content into FREDLearn.


  1. In FREDLearn open the course shell you would like to import the course content into.

  2. In the course shell click the Course Tools menu from the top navbar and choose Course Admin

  3. On the Course Administration screen choose the Import/Export/Copy Components link under Site Resources.

  4. Select “Import Components” option and press Start.

    red arrow pointing to the Import Components option
    Course Import Menu


  5. Press the Upload button and locate the OnCourse backup you have saved and press Open.

    red arrow pointing to the Upload menu where users can upload their course backup
    Select File Menu
  6. Click the Import All Components button to begin the import.

  7. Once the content is imported review each item and make any necessary adjustments.

Backup file sizes cannot be larger than 2GB to use this process. If your backup file is larger then 2GB contact Online Learning at OLL@fredonia.edu.