Scheduling a Zoom Meeting for Someone Else Through Google Calendar

Before doing this you must have permissions to create events on the other persons' Google Calendar and Zoom

  1. Begin creating a new event in Google Calendar

  2. Click the calendar option towards the bottom of the screen (it should have the name of your default calendar, usually your name)

    Google Calendar Interface with the calendar selection circled in red
  3. Choose the calendar of the person you wish to schedule the Zoom meeting for

    Google Calendar interface, detailing changing from the default calendar to another one
  4. In the video conferencing section click the down-arrow and select Zoom Meeting


  5. Fill in any other details, such as event title, description, and/or guests and then click Save


  6. Note that the meeting host and the calendar are set to the other person. The calendar section should also note that it was created by you.


Watch a quick video of this process (no audio)