Tagging Links


There are two tags needed in every link. The Link Tag, and the Link-OBJR annotation. To make your link tags,

  1. Open the Options Menu in the Tags Pane. Select Find.

    The Options Menu in Acrobat.
  2. In the Find Elements box, go to the drop-down menu, select Unmarked Links, and choose Search Document. Click Find.

    Find Element box with Find Drop down menu set to Unmarked Links.
  3. The first unmarked link will be outlined in bright pink. Click Tag Element.

  4. From the drop-down menu, select Link and click OK.

  5. You will now have a Link Tag and Link OBJR Annotation in the tag tree.

  6. Select the link tag in the Tags Pane to highlight it. Click the Selection Tool.

  7. Highlight the link text in the Document Pane.

  8. Open the Options Menu.

  9. Select Create Tag from Selection.

  10. You will now have a link text paired with a Link - OBJR Annotation, both as a child of the Link Tag.

  1. Click the Edit Tool.

  2. Highlight the URL, then Right click and copy.

  3. Go to the Link Menu and click Auto-Create Web Links from URLs. A box will appear saying that once you do this it cannot be undone. Click Yes.

  4. Draw a box around the URL, a panel called Create Link from URLs should appear.

  5. Now you have your links, but you cannot see them. The next step is to highlight them so the links are visible. Start by going back to the Link Menu and click on Add/Edit Web or Document Link. You will see a box around your link. Highlight the box or click in the link to open the Create Link Menu

  6. Set the Link Type to Invisible Rectangle. Under Highlight Style, choose Inset. This will allow users to access the hyperlink by clicking. (Like pressing a button).

  7. Double click the link to see the Link Properties Panel. Under the Action Tab, look at the action settings. The Open a Web Link section should have your website.