Changing Course Module Images in FREDLearn

By default, your course banner image will preload as the image for each module you create within your course.

To change a module’s image, you will need to edit the module’s description field.

The size of the module image needs to be 768 x 400 pixels to display correctly. You must resize your image to be this size before uploading, because Brightspace does not automatically crop and resize module images. This image must also be in .jpg, .jpeg, .png, or .gif format.

Here are a few websites that have copyright free images you can download to use within your course: Pexels, Freepik, Pixabay, Unsplash.


To change a module’s image:

  1. On the course homepage, click on the module you wish to change the image for within your course.


  2. Click on Add a description…


  3. Click the Insert Image button and select where you will be uploading your file from. In most cases this will be My Computer if you want to use an image that is saved on your computer.


  4. Click Upload, select the image file you want to use, and click Open.


  5. You will now see the name of the file that has been uploaded. Click Add.


  6. A window will pop up to Provide Alternative Text. Provide alternative text in this window if this applies or check the box stating “This image is decorative”.


  7. You should now see your image has appeared in the Module Description box. Click Update to save. Once you click update, a message will also appear at the bottom of the screen stating the “Description saved successfully”.


  8. If you navigate back to your course homepage, you should be able to see that your module’s image has been updated.