Creating a Video Assignment in FREDLearn

This article details how to create a Video Assignment, connect it to the gradebook, and grade it in FREDLearn.


  1. Navigate to the module in which you wish to add a Video Assignment. Press the drop down arrow for Existing Activities and select Video Assignment- Fredonia.

     Video Assignment- Fredonia
  2. Select Individual Assignment, symbolized by the person icon.

    arrow pointing to individual assignment icon
  3. Configure your settings.

  • Assignment Name

  • Due Date

  • Due Time

  • Instructions. There is an option to create an instructions video.

  • Turn off Peer Review by flipping the dial.

Press Save.

  1. You’ll now see your Video Assignments that you’ve created. Press the blue link to the Video Assignment you just created to add it to your module.

Connecting Video Assignment to the Gradebook

  1. Navigate to the module and press the link for the Video Assignment.  You’ll be directed to the screen inside the video assignment. 

  2. Add a grade item to connect this Video Assignment to the gradebook.  Begin by pressing inside the “Add a grade item” field. Next, press the “+” to create a new grade item.


  1. Configure the settings of the grade item and press Create. 


  2. Press Save to save the grade item.

  3. You should see a notification pop up that you’ve created the grade item successfully. Now your Video Assignment is connected to the gradebook.

  4. On this same screen, on the left hand side, you can enter date restrictions, if applicable. Be sure to press the Update button after you enter date restrictions.



Grading a Video Assignment

  1. Navigate to the module where the Video Assignment appears, and press the Video Assignment link to go back into it.

  2. Press Needs Evaluation to evaluate a student’s submission. 


  3. Enter the percentage score and press Save and Publish.

  4. Go to the Enter Grades tab in the gradebook, and scroll across the screen until you see the grade item. The Video Assignment score is automatically populated in the gradebook, and the percentage is converted to points. In this example, a 95% score in Video Assignment was converted to 19 points out of 20 points possible. 

For more resources, check out Getting Started- Instructors on the Bongo Help Center.


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