Managing Notification in FREDLearn

The notifications that each FREDLearn users receives can be managed individual. This is done through the notifications area. Management of when notifications are sent and where they are sent to can be controlled.


To manage the notifications

  1. Log in to FREDLearn using your eServices username and password

  2. Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner, choose Notifications

  3. Under “Contact Methods” confirm your email address is correct. If it is incorrect contact the SUNY Online Help Desk to correct the address.

    1. If you would like notifications to be sent via text, use the “Register your mobile” link

  4. Under the Instant Notifications section choose what notifications you want and where they should be sent.

  5. Save the changes

IMPORTANT: Do not turn off the notifications for the Announcements - announcement updated and “Announcements - new announcement available.” These announcements are critical to the communication of your courses.

FREDLearn uses an app called “Pulse.” If you use Pulse you will need to set the notifications for the app directly in Pulse.