Houghton 261 (Conference Room)

A laptop plugged into an HDMI wall outlet next to a switcher.


Front of the conference room with a large tv.



Room Features:


  • 6x Movable Tables

  • 15x Movable Chairs

  • Large Whiteboard

Switcher Rack:

  • Extron IN1606 6 Input Scaling Presentation Switcher

  • Mersive Solstice for streaming

  • Extron DTP HDMI 230 TX

Other Technology:

  • 86” Viewsonic TV

  • Extron Button Panel

  • Siemens Room Temperature Sensor and Controller

  • Room lighting buttons with dimmer controls

  • HDMI Wall Plate

  • 2x Wall Outlets

  • 1x Ethernet Wall Plate