Mersive Solstice Instructions



  • What is the Mersive Solstice Pod? The Solstice Pod provides wireless content sharing from any device. Many users can connect and push content using a web browser or the Solstice app. The Solstice pod also allows content annotation and markup. These systems can also be used as a digital signage device. (This could work well for tours of your departments etc. by showing unique signage)

  • All of the Solstice units can be found on the Extron panel in your classroom/conference room by selecting the “Wireless” button. From here, you will see the Solstice interface, including directions on how to connect.

  • To share your screen with the TV, please follow the steps below:
    1.) Open a web browser (ex. Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge) on your computer
    2.) Enter 10.250.x.xx (use the number on the screen) in the address bar
    3.) Click on "Share my Screen" to share your screen via the web browser
    4.) Enter the 4-digit code seen on the TV and click "Launch"
    5.) Select Entire Screen if prompted

  • You can also download and install the Solstice app to any of your devices. This can be found at Mersive App Download. Apple users for example, can use the app to airplay content to the pod. Upon installing the app, you can connect to any display using step 2 above. You will still be prompted for the unique 4-digit code the pod produces upon each share. After the first time in doing this, the screen name will appear in a list for easy recall later.