Drupal: Add a new web page

How to use Drupal to create a new web page on the Fredonia public website.


  • Drupal Web Publishers must attend a Drupal training. At the Drupal training, Web Publishers are granted access to edit web pages for their department website. Send requests for Drupal training to webrequest@fredonia.edu.


Drupal Web Publishers are no longer able to create their web pages in Drupal. Please follow the steps below to create a new page in Drupal.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Review your existing pages to be sure that the page does not already exist https://www.fredonia.edu/admin/workbench/content/all (Sometimes an existing page may be unpublished.)

  2. Please use the Web Services Request form at fredonia.edu/webrequest to request a new Drupal web page. 

  3. Choose Create a new page or site from the Type of web service on the web form.

  4. Please provide the name of the new web page and the department or section of the website that it should appear in.

  5. The Web Team will create the requested page(s) and provide the link(s) for the page(s).

  6. Drupal Web Publisher adds content to the new page(s).