Drupal: Add and Edit a Page Widget

  • Widgets can be added to any basic page.

  • All page widgets appear after the Body and any Accordions.

Types of Widgets:

Cards: Info: 
Can include Title, Body, Image, and a Link

Cards: Profiles
Used for people

Alternating Image and Text blocks

Automatically displays selected events from events.fredonia.edu
This widget type requires initial configuration and set-up by the Web Team.
Please use the Web Work Request at fredonia.edu/webrequest to request the Events Widget.

Three images with headlines, body text, and a link.

An image gallery with captions.

Simple two blocks of links

Statistics: Three
A black to display three statistics in a section.

Pre-prepared stories that profile alumni and students.

Click on a Widget type to view more details and examples:

To add a Widget:

  1. After the Body and Accordions fields, in the Basic Page Widgets section of a page, select a Widget Type then click Add Widget.

    Add Widget
  2. Choose one of the Widget types

    Choose a Widget Type

To edit or remove a Widget

If a web page has an existing Widget, scroll down to the Basic Page Widgets section, and click the Edit button to change a widget, or click the arrow to the right of the Edit button, then choose Remove to delete the page widget.

Choose Edit or Remove on the far right of the list of page widgets.

Types of Page Widgets: