WEB: How to update a faculty listing page and individual faculty info

Faculty Listing Page
Example of a Faculty Listing page.

Faculty listing pages, by College/School:

Help with updates to individual faculty profile info pages (professional details, degree, office hours, etc.):

Change members of a department faculty listing page:

To change who appears on a department faculty listing page (adding or removing faculty and staff), please send an email to Human.Resources@fredonia.edu with the faculty names and the requested department changes. 

Change details of an individual name, title, campus address, phone number, or email:

To update a faculty's name, title, campus address, phone number, or email, please send an email to Human.Resources@fredonia.edu

Approved HR changes to faculty directory information will appear on: 1) faculty listing page, 2) the individual faculty profile web page, and 3) on the People Finder campus directory at Fredonia People Finder.