Drupal: Use the Catalog Short Links to a Program

Website Concern:

A Catalog program link like this may become a broken link or be out-of-date some time after you add them to a Drupal page:


Please use each Program's permanent short links shown in this Google Sheet, instead of linking directly to a catalog program page on your web page or site menu:

  1. Copy the permanent short link for your Program in the Google Sheet at: https://www.fredonia.edu/catalog/short-links

  2. Paste the Program's permanent short link into your department's web pages or use them in your website menu. That's it. You're done!


The Web Team updates all of these Program permanent short links every time the Catalog is updated. 
This will keep all of the Program permanent short links you add to your website working properly, even when the Catalog changes every year.


  1. Short Link (recommended): https://www.fredonia.edu/catalog-program/socialwork-bs
    This permanent Short Link for the same Social Work B.S. Program will always work, year after year.

  2. Direct Link (don’t use): http://fredonia.smartcatalogiq.com/2019-2020/Catalog/All-Programs/Social-Work-BS-Degree
    Note that this direct link to the current Catalog page for the Social Work B.S. Program includes the specific dates 2019-2020. If you use a direct link, then next year your Program link will be out of date.

Your Feedback:
Please let us know if any active Program is missing a permanent short link with an email to webteam@fredonia.edu.

Other Uses:
Please also use the Program short links on any other Admissions or department materials - emails, posters, etc. - whenever you need to refer your Program in the Catalog.