How do I grade student submissions in an Assignment (drop box)?

Step-by-step guide

After the students have submitted, enter the Assignment and click the “Grade” button

Alternatively, click the "View all submissions" button and then click the "Grade" button associated with the submission to be graded.

Grading Assignments Individually

  1. After pressing "Grade," the submission will load on the left and the feedback fields will load on the right.

  2. Enter in a grade and any necessary feedback. Both of these items will appear in the Assignment and the gradebook.
  3. If the feedback includes an edited file, attach that file in the “Feedback files” area.
  4. Mark up can be written over the submission using the tools at the top of the submitted file.
    1. To navigate to a second page use the page selector in the top left-hand corner.

  5. Press the “Save changes” button

Download All of the Submissions

  1. After pressing the “View all submissions” button
  2. Checkmark all of the submissions to be dowloaded
    1. Tip: Use the checkbox at the top of the list labeled "Select" to select all submissions. 
  3. From the "Grading action" drop down menu choose "Download all submissions."



  • A grading worksheet can be downloaded and opened in Excel. Grades and feedback can be added to the spreadsheet and then uploaded. Directions on using this feature are available at
  • After downloading a zip of multiple files, commented files can then be uploaded back into OnCourse. This feature is called “Upload multiple feedback files in a zip.” Directions for using this process are available on


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