Adding Choice Activities in OnCourse

How do I add a Choice activity to my course?

Step-by-step guide

A Choice activity adds a single question multiple choice poll. A Choice activity cannot be graded.

  1. Access the course the Choice activity belongs in and turn on editing. Press the "Turn editing on" button on the upper right hand side of the page.
  2. Locate the section to add the Choice activity to and press the “Add and activity or resource” link.
  3. On the activities menu, click on the Choice activity. 
  4. The page will refresh and bring you to the settings page of the Choice activity.
  5. Add a Choice Name.
  6. In the description field enter the question.
  7. Choose Horizontally or Vertically for the survey result graph.
  8. Options:
    1. Allow Choice to be Updated - this will allow students to change their response.
    2. Allow more than one choice - this will allow students to choose more than one option.
    3. Limit the number of responses - this limits the number of students that can select each choice item.
    4. Enter the choice options and set limits if needed.
  9. Availability  - enable Open and Until times to set a time period for the choice to be open.
  10. Results:
    1. Publish Results
      1. Do not publish results to students
      2. Show results to students after they answer
      3. Show results to students only after the choice is closed
      4. Always show results to students
    2. Privacy of results
      Default is: Publish Anonymous results, do not show student names

  11. Press Save and return to course or Save and display.


  • If you need a sign-up sheet for presentations or topics use a Choice activity and limit the number of responses for each option.

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