Creating Digital Library Instruction in OnCourse

How do I create a course containing library content and link the course to an instructor’s course?

Step-by-step guide

Create an Empty Course Shell

  1. After logging into OnCourse, locate the Manage categories and courses block.
  2. Click the Manage categories and courses link.
  3. Under the Course Categories heading, expand the Library Instruction menu item.
  4. Choose the semester the library course should be built in.
  5. Under the semester heading, click the Create new course link.

  6. Enter in the Course full name

    1. The naming convention for library instruction courses is: Library Instruction: Subject-Course-Section: Instructor’s Last Name.

      1. Example: Library Instruction: MATH-110-01: Melohusky

  7. Enter in the Course short name

    1. The naming convention for the course short name is: Subject/Course/Section/Semester/Year/LI

      1. Example: MATH/110/01/Spring17/LI

  8. Check the Course category drop down menu to be sure the course is loading into the correct semester.
  9. Press the Save and display button at the bottom of the page.
  10. The page will refresh and bring you to the Participants page.  
  11. If you are not already enrolled in the course, press the Enroll users button on the upper right side of the page.  Enroll Users button underneath a green gear dropdown menu
  12. From the Assign role menu, choose Instructor.
  13. Enter your last name in the Search field and press enter on your keyboard. Select your name. 
  14. Press the Enroll users button.  Enrollment Options Menu with subsections called Select Users, Assign Role with drop down menu, and show more, along with a green enroll users button

Allow Guest Entry and Self Enrollment

  1. From the Library Course page, locate the the green gear icon on the upper right hand side of the page.  Click on the drop-down menu and select More.

  2. Click on the Users tab. 

  3. Click the Enrollment Methods link.

    Users tab open with Enrollment Method highlighted with bright red borders

  4. Turn on Guest Access by clicking the eye in the Edit column.
    1. If the eye has a line through it, guest access is turned off
      Enrollment Methods list with a red arrow pointing at the Guest Access row, edit column, eyeball icon in the center
  5. Turn on Self enrollment by clicking the eye in the Edit column.
    1. Note: Self enrollment only needs to be turned on if the students will be completing a quiz or other submission type assignment.
  6. Return to the main course page.
  7. From the main course page, copy the url address of the course. This url address will be used in step #13 below.

Create a Library Block in the Instructor’s Course

  1. Return to your Dashboard by using the breadcrumb at the top of the page.
  2. Locate the Manage categories and courses block, and  click the Manage categories and courses link.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the “Search courses” field.
    Search Courses search box
  4. Enter in the semester code and course name.
    1. Semester codes are Fall 30, JTerm 05, Spring 10, Summer 20 and must be placed after the four digit year when searching.
    2. Example: A Spring 2017 MATH-110 course would use the search term 201710-MATH-110-01
    3. It is helpful if you also include the section number since the instructor’s name will not appear with the course listing.
  5. In the search field, click on the the name of the course. Next, scroll down and click on View.
  6. On the main course page, in the top right-hand corner press the Turn editing on button.

  7. Locate the “Add a Block” block on the left hand menu and click on it.  A pop-out menu will appear. Scroll down and choose HTML.  

    Panel with Add a Block button highlighted         HTML Block highlighted with a red box

  8. A new block called HTML block will be created, press the gear button, called Actions if you hover over it.
  9. Choose Configure HTML Block.

    After you add an HTML block to your course, click on the gear icon and select Configure new HTML block to adjust block settings

  10. For HTML block title enter “Library Instruction Materials”
  11. In the Content field enter in “Click Here To Access Library Instruction Materials For (insert course name and section number here)"
  12. Highlight the text and press the hyperlink button 

  13. Paste in the course hyperlink copied from step #6 above into the Link URL field.
  14. Check the “Open in a new window" box. Next, press Create link.Create Link box with the Enter a URL box highlighted with a green box. A red arrow is pointing to Open in a New window

  15. Press Save changes.


  • Make sure you know the course name and section number before you start.

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