Self Enrollment in OnCourse

How do I self enroll into a course or group?

Step-by-step guide

  1. Click the link provided to you to open OnCourse.
  2. The OnCourse login screen will load, press the Fredonia eServices Log in button.
  3. Login using your eServices username and password.
  4. Press the blue “Enroll Me” button.
    1. If the course requires an enrollment key, enter this before pressing the “Enroll Me” button. The enrollment key will be provided by the instructor.
  5. After enrolling you will be taken to the course main page.
    1. The course will be added to your Course block on the Dashboard page or you can continue to use the link provided.


  • When looking for the course you have self enrolled in, it will either be located in the current semester or in the Group category

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