Using the Upcoming Events Block in OnCourse

How does the Upcoming Events block work?

Step-by-step guide

This block generates based on (a) time-based activities; and (b) events that are added manually. The Calendar is populated automatically from events in the Upcoming Events block; it is also directly clickable from this block. This is why the Calendar is not one of the "default" blocks in our campus OnCourse layout. So...if you had a quiz with a due date (or an assignment, etc.), that date will automatically appear in your Upcoming Events block (and then automatically populate to the course Calendar).

To Manually Add an Event (that is not automatically added by initiating a course activity)

  1. In the Upcoming Events block, click Go to Calendar, and then New event.
  2. In the Event title field, enter a name for the event.
  3. For Date, select the date and start time for the event.
  4. Select the type of event (Course, Group, or User).  
    NOTE:  a. To create a Group event, groups must already be set up in a course. After selecting Group as the type of event, select the specific group in the Group event field.
                 b. Course is the default. This will create an event that is viewable by all course participants.
  5. (Optional) In the Description field, enter a brief description of the event.
  6. Click the Save button. The course calendar will open, displaying the new event.

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